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BIM LIVE with Stabicad 12!

BIM ready with Stabicad 12

Stabicad 12 is here: the latest version of the number one design and calculation software for the MEP industry. Stabicad 12 includes a new module for integrated electrical calculations in Revit, greatly improved high-quality uniform content and extensive functionality for prefabrication and recesses.

Since the acquisition by Trimble, Stabiplan has had even more MEP specialists at its disposal, enabling it to join forces. The result: better and more extensive software for MEP engineers. This is reflected in the following new functionalities.

Integrated calculations: now for electrical engineering

All calculations are now fully integrated into Revit. The most important new calculation features are:

  • Electrical calculations according to NEN 1010: Thanks to this unique integration, electrical systems can be designed, calculated and managed in one place.
  • Mechanical calculations can now also be performed on MEPcontent families.
  • Balancing circulation systems in the tap water calculation.

Uniform high-quality content

The Revit families in Stabicad have been improved once again, making them more compatible with the Revit platform. Some examples of the many improvements:

  • The families are parametric, which means that they are no longer generated and contain many dimensional parameters. For example, you can tag these parameters or use them in schedules.
  • New information parameters have been added. Both technical characteristics have been added, as well as classification parameters such as IFC, OmniClass, and ETIM, making the Stabicad families suitable for exchange.
  • Symbolic representations have been added for all elements. In this way, the coarse view of the model becomes a schematic representation of the model.


  • Prefab: create prefab sets is now also possible based on model lines.
  • Autodesk 2020 support: Stabicad 12 is compatible with Revit and AutoCAD versions 2017 to 2020. In addition, Stabicad LT now works on the brand new and greatly improved Stabiplan CAD platform 9.
  • Ventilation area report in AutoCAD: the report now includes several accessories and their calculated area.
  • Openings: The Openings for MEP App has been integrated into Stabicad 12. Combined with the free Openings Manager for structural engineers, this App offers a complete workflow from creation to approval/rejection of openings. This means that work can be done in a uniform way, which can already be clearly defined for both the structural engineer and the installer prior to the project.


Stabiplan has been listening carefully to Stabicad users in the development of Stabicad 12. Roger Fuchs, Product Management Team Leader: "We have not only built Stabicad 12 for our users but also together with them. By working closely with our customers, Stabicad 12 is full of features they truly benefit from. This cooperation is reflected in everything: working with customers via ideas on the BIMme support portal, working together via customer feedback days, but also working together between software and hardware, so that the design can be translated into reality."


With Stabicad 12 you are ready for any BIM project. Users can request Stabicad 12 on our support portal BIMme. For more information on our products, do not hesitate to contact us.